A 2019 MT-09 and a 2009 XJ6: a failed theft thanks to Pegase Moto

Testimony of K., who had his 2019 MT-09 and his 2009 XJ6 stolen while they were in a locked storage unit underground. The Pegase Moto GPS tracker allowed him to intervene in time.

Pegase Moto GPS tracker against theft of a 2019 MT09 and a 2009 XJ6

A 2019 MT-09 and a 2009 XJ6: a failed theft thanks to Pegase Moto


Testimony of K., who had his 2019 MT-09 and his 2009 XJ6 stolen while they were in a locked storage unit underground. The Pegase Moto GPS tracker allowed him to intervene in time.

EICMA 2021 poster

Pegase Moto @ EICMA

10/11/2021 | News

Pegase Moto will be at EICMA, the international motorbike trade show in Milan!

Yamaha MT-07 2021 stolen and found Pégase Moto

MT-07 2021 model stolen and found in Nantes, France

04/11/2021 | News

Another motorbike was stolen and found, thanks to the Pégase Moto GPS tracker. Testimony of F., who had his MT-07 2021 stolen by 4 minors in the city center of Nantes.

Protect your bike with our Pegase Moto GPS tracker

Moto Pegase GPS tracker 2021 video

20/08/2021 | About Pegase

2021 Video of the Pegase Moto GPS tracker

KTM Duke 690 stolen and found thanks to Pegase Moto GPS tracker

Stolen and found KTM Duke 690 thanks to Pegase

09/08/2021 | News

Another very good news thanks to Pegase Moto GPS tracker : a KTM Duke 690 was stolen and found two weeks later almost intact, most probably just before being dismantled for parts!

stolen Yamaha Mt070 recovered thanks to Pegase Moto

Stolen bike alert! Yamaha MT07

20/07/2021 | News

Last week, a Pegase GPS tracker motorbike user was the victim of a bikejacking, a theft under threat or using violence while the rider is on his two-wheeler. He tells us in detail what happened and how his bike was recovered!

Police interceptors onsite for a burglary and stolen bike

When a motorbike GPS tracker helps the Police to localize the burglars

06/07/2021 | Lifestyle

Double whammy when your Pegase GPS tracker also alerts you not only about your motorbike being moved but also a about a burglar happening in real time at your house !

L'app mobile Pégase Moto permet à la Police de géolocaliser la moto volée

Stolen motorbike recovered

17/06/2021 | Lifestyle

There is nothing more gratifying than to see that our GPS tracker does its job, helping to find a stolen motorbike. At SMT Performances we have decided to start communicating about these "happy endings" as we receive

Stolen KTM 690 Duke found thanks to Pegase Moto

An influencer’s motorbike STOLEN and RECOVERED in 40 minutes


The influencer Paika Bike managed to find his stolen bike in 40 minutes thanks to Pegase Moto ! Here's a quick recap of the events and their outcome!

Motorcycle theft

Motorcycle theft, how to avoid it?

27/11/2020 | Lifestyle

Thefts of motorcycles represents 33% of thefts of motor vehicles in France. There were 44,000 thefts or attempted thefts in 2018 (according to figures from the French Ministry of the Interior).

roadtrip and motorbike roadbook

Itineraries and motorbike trips: our selection of the most beautiful roads in France

02/07/2020 | Lifestyle

What are the most beautiful roads in France for motorbike trips and itineraries? Discover our 2020 selection for fantastic motorbike rides!

Using multiple Pegase Moto with a single account

Use multiple Pegase Moto devices on a single account

27/12/2019 | About Pegase

It is now possible to connect several Pegase Moto units to the same customer account. Here are the steps to follow !

dashware motorbike

Dashware & Pegase Moto app tutorial

01/10/2019 | Tech

Find out how to easily integrate your performances into your videos, using Dashware.

Valentino Rossi has some fan !

Think you were a fan of Valentino Rossi? Wait until you see this collection!


If you are wondering who is the only athlete in the world whose fans have been completely dedicated for almost 25 years, then the answer is simple: he is called Valentino Rossi.

Use the same Pegase Moto on Kawasaki and BMW motorbikes

Use the same Pegase Moto on several motorbikes

07/08/2019 | About Pegase

Pegase Moto can now be ordered with 1 or 2 extra cables, making it easy to move from one bike to another!

10X HyperPrecision with Pegase Moto

What is the HyperPrecision-10X mode of Pegasus?

19/07/2019 | About Pegase

How did Pegase Moto manage to increase the accuracy of GPS trackers by a factor of 10?

How to choose an anti-theft gps motorbike device

How do you choose a GPS motorcycle anti-theft device?

12/07/2019 | About Pegase

What are the criteria to know before buying a GPS motorbike anti-theft device? How do they work and what are the pitfalls to avoid? Here's a full breakdown.

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