Theft of a 1200GS Adventure in Bordeaux, found in 10 minutes thanks to Pegase

By Alice from SMT Performances | 31/05/2022

Last week, Bernard contacted us to thank us for the efficiency of the Pegase GPS tracker and to tell us the story of how his 1200 GS Adventure in Bordeaux was stolen.

“On Monday 23 May, I had a business meeting and I decided to go by motorbike. So I parked it at the foot of a building, locking the Neiman and adding a U. I didn't think of activating the Pegase anti-theft device and I hadn't programmed its automatic activation either...

After 2 hours of meetings, around 4.30 pm, I went out and found my U on the pavement: no motorbike. I immediately opened the Pegase Moto application to locate my vehicle in real time and I saw that it was 500 or 600m in front of a building. I went there immediately and arrived at the same time as a police car.

A witness had seen two men dressed in black pushing a motorbike. The witness took pictures, which did not please the thieves who started to verbally attack him. The witness' daughter then called the police and explained the situation and a car was sent immediately. The two men immediately ran away, leaving the motorbike on the ground.

After looking at the photos taken by the witness and concluding that they would not find the thieves right away, the police officers helped me to put the bike upright and informed me of the procedure to follow.

As my bike was in working order, I was able to go home and file a pre-complaint online that evening. Then I went to the police station to confirm my complaint and went to BMW to tell them about the theft.

Someone will be sent out within two weeks to assess my bike and deal with the insurance, but BMW has already been able to tell me that there will be at least the Nieman, par-cylinders and top case to change (totaling about £1000 in costs). They also told me that it was a tough time for GS's and that they were getting one or two a week for repairs after thefts...

Bernard’s R1200GS before the theft
Bernard’s R1200GS before the theft

In the end, I found my bike in less than 10 minutes. I’m very happy with my Pegase GPS tracker and grateful to the witness and the police who were very responsive.

Thank you Bernard for sharing this story! Your feedback after thefts is very important to us because it allows us to understand and analyse theft patterns. By the way, this one is very similar to the theft of the R 1250 GS two weeks ago in the Paris region, a story that can be read on our blog.

Article published by Alice from SMT Performances on 31/05/2022