A Kawasaki Z650 stolen and found in Gap!

By Alice from SMT Performances | 09/06/2022

Two weeks ago, @Papsnono (on Instagram) had his beautiful Kawasaki Z650 stolen in Gap. In no time at all, and accompanied by a friend, he went to the place where his motorbike was located and immediately retrieved it.

If this happens to you, we strongly recommend that you contact the police right away and not to act alone!

Here’s what Papsnono had to tell us about his stolen motorbike:

“I had to meet some friends in Gap so I decided to leave my motorbike in a car park and activated my Pegase to be warned in case anything happened.

After about an hour of walking around with my friends, I got a "vibration" alert. I think to myself that it must have been some kids who touched my motorbike, so I moved on. But very quickly I get more "suspicious movement" alerts so I start to get a little worried and decide to head back to my bike with my friends.

And then I got a call from Pegase Moto - the bike was moving! I immediately realised that it was stolen.

My friends and I ran back to our motorbikes and mine was gone!

I got on my friend’s motorbike and guided him with the help of my GPS tracker, which showed me the real-time position of my motorbike.

When I arrived at the scene, 5km from where it was stolen, I saw that my bike was parked near a park in a housing development.

We decided to go for a few laps, just to see if there was a thief around or not. It seemed not so I quickly got off my friend's bike, jumped on mine, started it up, and off we went!

I was very lucky as I had not blocked the Neiman and the bike was not damaged during the theft so I have no damage to report on my bike!

A friend of mine advised me to buy a GPS tracker, but I didn't know which one to get. He recommended I get Pegase and I'm very happy with it! Thanks to you, I still have my bike!”

Thanks to Papsnono for sharing his story! We are also very happy that you still have your bike!

But we’ll say it again: we don't advise you to act alone in these circumstances. Call the police.

Article published by Alice from SMT Performances on 09/06/2022