Another BMW 1250 GS Adventure found thanks to Pegase !

By Alice from SMT Performances | 09/06/2022

On 7 June 2022, G. contacted us to buy a second GPS tracker. He took the opportunity to tell us how Pegase had helped him find his 40th anniversary BMW 1250 GS Adventure a few months earlier...

“The theft took place at the end of March 2022 in my parking unit on the -2 level of a closed residence in the 9th district of Marseille.

A camera, whose alerts I unfortunately did not hear (at 6.20 a.m. on a Sunday morning), enabled me to understand the course of the break-in and theft.

The camera sent me an initial alert at 3.17am because a flash of light above the door had triggered it. The thieves passed the phone over the door of the unit to take a photo of its contents. They saw that a BMW 1250 GSA was parked there, a model they wanted.

The second alert was 3 hours later, when the unit’s door was broken into, the steering lock was forced, and the seat lock was broken. The presence of the first GPS tracker was detected and the thieves left it behind.

When I got up around 10am, I looked at the Pegase and camera alerts. The latter showed a ripped off door and an empty unit!

Break-in and theft of motorbike from a locked garage
Garage door ripped off and left empty

I opened the Pegase application to see and localise my motorbike in real time.

After calling the police and filing a complaint, I was in contact with the BAC. The motorbike was in a van, but was able to be located and recovered after a few hours of surveillance.

I’m very satisfied with the GPS tracker that allowed me to find my beautiful bike! I just bought another Pegase for my second motorbike!“

Many thanks to G. for taking the time to tell us about this experience! We are once again delighted that Pegase was instrumental in this story. And bravo to the police for their intervention!

Article published by Alice from SMT Performances on 09/06/2022