A Husqvarna 701 found in Lausanne, Switzerland! An investigation is underway...

By Alice from SMT Performances | 31/03/2022

The thief leaves with the motorbike and the keys, the Pegase Moto GPS tracker allowed the Swiss Police to quickly find the bike!

Today, it's another first! The first bike found in Switzerland thanks to Pegase Moto (as far as we know), in Lausanne. Leuk (@leuk_701 on Instagram) shares the story of the theft of his Husqvarna 701 from 2020:

"On Saturday, 26 March, I came home from work on my motorbike. I activated my Pegase Moto tracker, locked the wheel, removed the key and went home.

At that point I must have dropped the bike key on the ground, but I didn't realise it.

About 2 hours after I got home, while I was on the phone with a friend, I got a double call. I look and see "Pegase Moto". I go to the window and there: no more motorbike!

I rush down the stairs, open the Pegase Moto application and see that my bike is on the move on the integrated map! Then I called 117, Swiss Police. The minutes seemed to drag on until a patrol car arrived at my house. A policeman stayed with me, took my phone and guided the police officers through the application. There were a total of 7 police cars and 2 police motorbikes looking for my bike.

Route taken by the thief of the motorbike from Leuk_701
Route taken by the thief

The thief narrowly escaped from the police, a few seconds later and he could have been arrested.

Despite taking the key with him, he was thoughtful enough to put the bike on its stand before abandoning it.

The motorbike was recovered by the police with no apparent damage.

The motorbike was found by the police
Motorbike found intact by police

The next day, Sunday, the forensic police took prints and DNA from my bike and I was able to get it back! An investigation is underway...

Anyway - all this to say - I thought I wouldn't have any use for the Pegase Moto anti-theft device and in the end, I just saved 15,000€ with a simple investment of 300€...

Frankly, it doesn't just happen to other people... I recommend that all bikers get a tracker: 300€ is nothing compared to the price of your bike (or your theft deductible)."

Thanks again to Leuk for taking the time to contact us and share your experience! Another story with a happy ending!

Congratulations to the Swiss police who did everything they could to stop the thief.

Article published by Alice from SMT Performances on 31/03/2022