An S1000rr was found in Lyon (France) less than 5 km from where it was stolen

By Alice from SMT Performances | 24/03/2022

Thanks to his Pegase Moto GPS tracker, the owner of this motorbike was warned of the theft in real time!

Not long ago, on 7 March, 2022, while he was in class and his beautiful S1000rr was parked near the bike park of his school in Lyon, Vincent received a "suspicious movement" notification via his Pegase Moto application. While he wasn’t too worried at first, he realised his bike was being stolen when he received a second alert... He told us:

“I just thought someone was near my bike smoking a cigarette or something, as is usual for this kind of alert. But when I received a second notification from Pegase Moto, I started to worry. Then I opened the app and saw that my bike was moving away from its parking spot.

I immediately asked two friends with cars to come with me to follow my motorbike because there was no way I was going to let it go.

Especially since I didn't insure it against all risks due to a lack of budget (and yes, having an S1000rr when you're young is not very forgiving when it comes to insurance premiums...).

By the time I gathered my friends and left, the bike (according to the app) was not moving and seemed to have been hidden in an underground car park. When I arrived at the scene, I called the police who sent a squad car to me. It had been about 30 minutes since the theft.

I explained to them that my bike was equipped with a Pegase Moto GPS tracker. The police opened the car park indicated as the last known GPS position of my bike on the Pegase Moto application. And then we realised that the car park was made up of 3 x 40 storage units.

So I went up and down the floors, looking for my bike. In order to find my bike amongst all the stalls, I used my phone to take pictures over the door. And there it was!

Moto retrouvée à l'aide du traceur GPS Pégase
Photo prise par dessus la porte d'un box

The police opened the door for me and I was able to get my bike back immediately. I had to be taken by a small police escort to go to the nearest station to file a complaint (I had no gloves or helmet, so I couldn’t take my bike).

The police have noted the value of Pegase Moto, not only in terms of finding my motorbike at its precise location, but also in recording the route the thieves took. The police will therefore be able to consult the tapes of the video surveillance cameras present along the route, in order to catch the thieves.

I later learned that the storage unit in which my motorbike had been hidden belonged to a co-op and was not rented. The thieves had broken into the place and taken it over.

Finally, my bike was moved 4 km in 7 minutes (pushed with a scooter). Thanks to Pegase Moto and my alarm, we were able to find it an hour and a half after the theft.

Trajet effectué par les voleurs
Trajet effectué par les voleurs avec la moto - enregistré automatiquement par Pégase

Thank you to the Police for their reactivity and to Pegase Moto for their efficiency. So efficient that my motorcyclist friends were stunned and they plan to purchase a tracker for themselves because it doesn't only happen to other people!"

A big thank you to Vincent for his testimony! We are once again delighted to learn that Pegase Moto has made it possible to find another motorbike!

Article published by Alice from SMT Performances on 24/03/2022