When a motorbike GPS tracker helps the Police to localize the burglars

By Alice from SMT Performances | 06/07/2021

When a motorbike GPS tracker alerts the police to a break-in.

stolen motorbike Kawasaki z800 fullblack
stolen Kawasaki z800 fullblack

Not all motorbike thefts are alike, and this one gave us a lot of trouble. Between the biker's account below and the press article at the end of the article, you will understand that this was a misdeed carried out by thieves who took all the risks, managing to block the 3 dogs that were standing guard on the spot, but also and above all to lose the police after they had fired on their vehicle!

Here is the account of Jeremy whose Kawasaki Z800 Full Black was stolen from his home, alerting him in real time for the burglary that was taking place:

"On Tuesday 8 June 2021 I received a first alert from my Pegase Moto tracker at around 2.50pm alerting me to a suspicious movement on my bike, a few seconds later after deactivating the first alert I received a second one, the app was indicating a strange movement of my bike: a movement on the spot from left to right.

I immediately contacted the police, my bike was being stolen from my home.

Thanks to Pegase, I was made aware of the situation: it was not just a motorbike theft, but a complete burglary of my home.

With all the GPS points that Pegase Moto provided, the police started a chase with the thieves! But the thieves realised that they were being traced, so they switched off my tracker at around 3.30pm.

We lost their trail after about twenty kilometres... But further on, the driver of the motorbike missed a bend on the banks of the Loire. So he abandoned my bike and equipment and threw them into the Loire, unfortunately we were no longer behind him when this happened.

A few days later, I was contacted by people who were canoeing down the Loire. Thanks to a medical card inside my motorbike jacket, they managed to contact me with the GPS coordinates of my equipment.

By matching the last GPS points that Pegasus had given me with these new GPS points, an area of about 5 km became apparent!

So I went there, accompanied by some friends. After 600m of searching, we found my bike in a ravine!

The suspects are still at large, but my bike was found thanks to my Pegase GPS tracker, the gendarmerie and the kindness of some people.

Thank you all and see you soon on the roads!"

The GPS tracker Pegase Moto, by alerting of the burglary which took place in real time, allowed the gendarmerie to intervene immediately and to hunt down the thieves.

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Article published by Alice from SMT Performances on 06/07/2021

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