Stolen bike alert! Yamaha MT07

By Alice from SMT Performances | 20/07/2021

Stolen bike alert! Yamaha MT07

J.'s story:

"In mid-June, a first attempt to steal my MT07 was thwarted thanks to the alarm system and my neighbour, alerted by the noise.

Yamaha MT 07 Yamaha MT 07 | Photo @SMTPerformances #pegasemoto
Yamaha MT 07 Yamaha MT 07 | Photo @SMTPerformances #pegasemoto

Two weeks later, when I was leaving for work at around 7am, two people came towards me without me paying any attention. Now that I'm thinking about it, I realize that I must have been under surveillance for a while as they knew my routine...

When they reached me, the two men ordered me twice to bugger off. That's when I understood what they wanted.

I tried to pull the key out of the ignition to gain time, but a they punch me to make me back off (an injury that would require stitches).

I immediately contacted the police, as I could give them the indications provided by my Pegase Moto GPS tracker in real time!

It was finally the next day, when I went back to the police station, that things really got moving: I gave them my access codes to the Pegase Moto GPS tracker's mobile application so that they could do a more precise search live.

Three hours later, a call from the crime squad informed me that my bike had been found, along with a scooter that had also been stolen.

If this story has a happy ending, it's thanks to the Pegase Moto GPS tracker I had installed on my bike a few months before! We hope we never have to use the feature to track our motorbike but we're really pleased to have it in these circumstances! "

Article published by Alice from SMT Performances on 20/07/2021