A TRACER 700: attempted theft during the owner's holiday

By Alice from SMT Performances | 07/12/2021

Suspicious movement has been detected by Tracer 700. Open the Pegase Moto application to follow your motorbike live.

Many stories of theft start in the same way: a suspicious movement alert received via the Pegase Moto application. This was already the case in the attempted theft of an MT09 SP and an XJ6 parked in a locked storage unit.

While R. was on holiday, he received this shocking notification. It enabled him to react quickly, even though he wasn’t home! But how did he do it? What was it that prevented his Tracer 700 from being stolen? In his own words:

"Some time ago, I moved to Athis-Mons (91) and I had to change my parking routine for my Tracer 700 because of the lack of a closed garage in my new home. My bike is now parked outside and I didn't really like the idea of leaving it in plain sight with classic anti-theft protection. So I invested in a Pegase Moto GPS tracker. I was already satisfied with the peace of mind it gave me, but I’m even happier now that I have found my motorbike, thanks to Pegase Moto.

On the night of the 25th to the 26th of November, at about 1.30 am, I received a suspicious movement alert via the Pegase Moto application. I was on holiday at the time, so I couldn't go and check if my bike was still there, or see if someone was roaming around. I opened the mobile app and saw that my bike was moving!

I immediately called the police and I was able to guide them thanks to the map integrated in the Pegase Moto application which located my motorbike in real time. The names of the streets are there, so it was practical for both me and for the police! They finally located a van and according to its movements, my bike was most likely inside.

They stopped it and my motorbike was indeed there: it had been thrown into the truck without care and it was lying on its side.

Tracer 700 stolen and recovered thanks to Pegase Moto and the police
Tracer 700 when the owner got it back

So I got my bike back when I returned from my holiday and found that the Neiman had been broken and the fairings damaged. It's annoying, but at least I still have my bike! I think I would have only noticed the theft upon my return if I hadn't had the Pegase Moto and then it would have been too late to do anything...

Pegase Moto allowed me to react quickly and follow my motorbike in real time!

And thank you to the police for their responsiveness!"

Thanks to R. for taking the time to contact SMT Performances to tell his story. We are obviously delighted with this positive outcome and proud that more and more of you are finding your motorbikes thanks to the Pegase Moto GPS tracker.

Article published by Alice from SMT Performances on 07/12/2021