A 2019 MT-09 and a 2009 XJ6: a failed theft thanks to Pegase Moto

By undefined | 01/12/2021

Theft of two motorcycles by minors with a particular M.O. (once again) in Nantes, France

Last month, Pegase Moto helped to find a stolen MT-07 in Nantes, and a few days later, the GPS tracker prevented the theft of two more motorbikes while they were underground in a locked storage unit.

Testimony of K., who was able to react in time, thanks to the alert of suspicious movement sent by the Pegase Moto mobile application.

“On Saturday, October 30, 2021, at 8:17 a.m. exactly, I received a notification from the Pégase app indicating suspicious movement on my MT-09 SP while it was parked in a locked storage unit on level -2 of my building.

Motorbikes stolen from the underground car park of a Pegase Moto user
MT09 SP and XJ6 parked in a box

I was worried, so I went down to the basement to see what was going on and when I got to the -1 floor, I saw three young people pushing my MT-09 and my XJ6 (which was also parked in my storage unit). The thugs immediately took off running.

So I called the police who came to respond to the attempted theft. We all went to my storage unit together, whose door had been broken. It was clear that mine was the only one with a broken door.

Box broken into and motorbike stolen, falling to the ground
One of the two motorbikes fell to the ground as the thieves fled

During all of this, we had access to the surveillance videos of the parking lot and we understood the way the thieves operated: the stalls all had a small space at the top of the door, so they used their phones to film the inside of the units to see what was inside. They filmed about ten of them before stopping at mine, which must have contained what they were looking for, namely my two motorbikes.

They then forced the door open, broke the locks of my bikes and started pushing them towards the exit of the parking lot, and that's when I caught them and interrupted the attempted robbery.

I didn't think I'd have to do this, but I think I'll install a ground anchor ring and tie my motorbikes to a fixed point in my storage unit. This will give me extra security, in addition to the Pegase Moto GPS tracker, in case of another attempted theft!

In any case, I’m very happy to have equipped myself with the Pegase Moto GPS tracker, because without it, I probably wouldn’t have a motorbike anymore.”

Installation of Pegase Moto tracker in 2 minutes in a motorbike
Installation of the Pegase Moto GPS tracker in one of the stolen motorbikes

Thanks to K. for his testimony, as well as for the pictures he sent us. The entire Pégase team is happy to have contributed in preventing the theft of his motorbikes!

Pegase Moto prevented the theft of its two motorbikes
Found motorbikes taken to the pound for expertise