An influencer’s motorbike STOLEN and RECOVERED in 40 minutes

By Guillaume from SMT Performances | 23/12/2020

An influencer’s motorbike STOLEN and RECOVERED in 40 minutes

It’s finally the weekend!

Friday 18th December 2020, at approximately 8pm:

The motorcycle videographer and influencer Paika bike (whose Youtube channel is stated at the end of this article), is just starting to unwind from his week and is getting ready to spend the weekend with his friends.

That’s when he receives a notification on his smartphone which tells him that his KTM 690 DUKE has just picked up a suspicious movement. Not wanting to worry, and initially thinking that his cat had perhaps climbed onto his bike, he opens the Pégase Moto application and notices to his disbelief that his motorbike is being moved! For your information, insurance companies have noticed a resurgence in thefts of KTMs in 2020, which may perhaps explain why you have received the following SMS:

Translation of the SMS :

Hello {name}, your KTM 690 Duke is the object of covetousness! Make sure to take all the necessary precautions against theft on a daily basis: double anti-theft devices, attachment to a fixed point, and GPS tracker. Your insurance company. STOP SMS 38689

Responsiveness and cooperation are key in order to fight against theft!


Paika then decides to urgently call the police in order to report the theft of his motorbike, a few minutes go by…


The police answer and the influencer advises them that his motorbike is equipped with a Pégase Moto GPS tracker which makes it possible to track your motorbike in real time to the metre! That then allows him to describe the route taken by the thieves to the police precisely.


The KTM has stopped moving…. Now is the time to strike! Off we go to track them down:

two police cars and two cars from the French Anti-Crime squad (BAC) are already on their way. While they do that, a friend comes to pick up the influencer, who is still on the telephone with the police, and they all head to the place shown by the Pégase application. What a relief before Christmas!


The police let Paika know by telephone that his motorbike has just been recovered. The thieves were in the process of hiding the motorbike in a lock-up garage, and the law enforcement agencies were able to arrest them at the ideal moment! This is what having a tracker that emits up to 4 positions per second is good for; it makes it possible to get the last position of the motorbike as accurate as possible before its “disappearance”.


A few minutes later, the influencer arrives on the scene. He certifies that his motorbike has been picked up, and the law enforcement agencies reassure him and bring him to the station to fill in the last of the paperwork to file his complaint. Conclusion…


The next day, Paika Bike heads to the impound to recover his motorbike stolen the previous evening, and then makes for his KTM dealership. There is some damage worth noting on the motorbike; all that needs to be done now is to put in an insurance claim. He then confirms to

Pégase Moto that his motorbike has been recovered, before taking the opportunity to thank us 🙂

To follow Paika Bike’s motorcycling adventures on Youtube, click here.

Article published by Guillaume from SMT Performances on 23/12/2020