Motorcycle theft, how to avoid it?

By Guillaume from SMT Performances | 27/11/2020

Motorcycle theft, how to avoid it?

This means one theft is committed every 10 minutes. According to the French National Institute for Statistical and Economic Studies (l’INSEE), in just under 40% of cases, the motorcycles are recovered, but they are damaged in almost 45%.

The theft is ideally committed at night, and when it rains, when the vehicle owner is fast asleep.

Motocross bikes particularly vulnerable

Motocross bikes are particularly vulnerable. It’s like buying a lawnmower, except that this garden toy can be worth £8570 (10 000€).

The majority of off-road motorcycles cannot be insured, and have no identification or other information allowing them to be protected…

Our tips to try to prevent the unthinkable

Park it in an area that is well-lit and busy, and if possible one that is close to public cameras and difficult to access. That will make it difficult for a van to approach. And consider this, if you hide your motorcycle and the thief finds it, he will be able to operate it in peace.

Secure the motorcycle to a fixed point. If you can’t find one, you can secure it to the U-lock or chain of a motorcycle parked nearby (both parts can be taken apart at any time).

Fix the U-lock or the chain to a part of the motorcycle that is difficult to take apart (such as the frame or triple clamp). ou tés de fourche). Avoid the bearing which is convenient for cutting it.

Protect your motorcycle even when you’re at home by appending anti-theft devices and through the installation of an anchor point, for example.

Combine anti-theft technology devices! By multiplying the amount of anti-theft protections, in addition to making the thief’s life difficult, you are reducing the cost of insurance deductibles.

The range of anti-theft devices!

Easy to move, the motorcycle and the scooter are by definition more liable for theft. Possessing a motorcycle anti-theft device is therefore a must-have in order to protect your vehicle and deter thieves. Incidentally, insurers are becoming more and more strict in this regard.

An essential piece of equipment for any motorcycle rider, the anti-theft device will protect – as its name suggests – your motorcycle against theft. Motorcycle chains, U locks, disc locks, alarms – there are an enormous amount of anti-theft solutions.

The U-lock anti-theft device: difficult to break or cut, it traps the wheel properly. It has to encircle the wheel rim and/or the disc (at a minimum). Some rather large U-locks facilitate anchoring to a fixed point.

The chain: it is an effective anti-theft device when used together with the U-lock. However, the positioning of the chain is crucial in order to prevent the theft of your motorcycle. To maximise its effectiveness, it is recommended to use it on a fixed anchorage point.

The disc lock: it’s the most vulnerable anti-theft solution as it doesn’t allow your motorcycle to be attached to a fixed anchorage point. However some of them have an in-built alarm!

There are also noisy devices of the alarm variety that come fitted with a siren and a circuit-breaker which will sound when the vehicle is moved.

THE solution, the Pégase anti-theft GPS receiver

In addition to the use of an anti-theft device, you can also install a GPS receiver in order to provide better protection for your motorcycle. Concealed on the inside of your two-wheeler, this after-theft solution enables you to track the vehicle via GPS in order to recover it as quickly as possible.

That’s when the Pégase GPS anti-theft device (the most accurate on the market) steps in for you and your beauty!

Article published by Guillaume from SMT Performances on 27/11/2020