MT07 found in less than an hour in Paris

By Alice from SMT Performances | 20/01/2022

2022 is a year that started well: a motorbike was found on Sunday, 16 January!

Of course, this story is not quite as nice for N. who had his bike stolen while it was parked in the yard of his residence, in the 20th district of Paris. A few days after this happened, he told us how his Pegase Moto GPS tracker had enabled him to find his MT07.

This MT07 was found as quickly as it was stolen

“Almost two years ago, my bike, an MT07, was stolen... Fortunately, I managed to find it at the time. But this experience left enough of an impression on me that I took a closer look at existing anti-theft solutions. I simply searched for "motorbike GPS tracker" on Google and did my little comparative research. Pegase Moto met my criteria in terms of accuracy, and I really liked the fact that it was subscription-free. This tracker also offered a circuit function which convinced me, since I’m a fan of trips!

On Sunday, 16 December at around 7:30pm, I received several alerts of suspicious movement on my phone. Worried about the frequency of the alerts, I opened the mobile app and realised that my bike was moving!

I went to check and, indeed, my bike hds disappeared. I decided to go to the place where it seemed to be parked. The GPS position took me to the entrance of a car park where there was a crowd.

I immediately called the police. By the time a car arrived, I thought the thieves had realised that I was the owner of the bike and the group had disbanded.

Once on the scene, the police and I entered the car park to look for my motorbike. It wasn't until we searched the last basement that I was truly relieved because that’s where we finally found my bike!

I was lucky enough to get it back immediately. Obviously, there was some damage: broken Neiman, bent front brake lever and damaged line... I'm waiting to consult an expert to know more.

Twisted front brake lever
Twisted front brake lever

In any case, the purchase of the Pégase GPS tracker is an investment that I absolutely don’t regret. Thank you to the whole team behind this product and to the police force!"

Thank you to N. for this testimonial - it makes us proud of the product we offer!

See you soon on the road!

Article published by Alice from SMT Performances on 20/01/2022