What is the HyperPrecision-10X mode of Pegasus?

By Guillaume from SMT Performances | 19/07/2019

When at SMT Performances we created Pegase Moto, we also invented the HyperPrecision-10X mode.
A technique that improves the accuracy of a GPS tracker by up to 10 times and that has made Pegase the most accurate device.

In the case of a classic GPS tracker, the box will record points at fixed intervals (between 2 and 5 seconds depending on the brand). This interval will always be the same, whether you are on the motorway or in a hairpin bend. Are you beginning to understand the problem?

This is what you would see on a country road:

Track left without HyperPrécision 10X mode
Track without HyperPrécision 10X mode

The solution is to use an accelerometer (as in MotoGP) which will analyse the speed, acceleration, braking and inclination of the bike 200 times per second to determine what the time interval between two points should be.
Pegase can then send up to 4 points per second when you are braking or in a curve.

Now here is what Pegase Moto would have recorded on the same road:

A GPS track using Pegase Moto HyperPrécision 10X mode (red dashes)
A GPS track using Pegase Moto HyperPrécision 10X mode (red dashes)

Article published by Guillaume from SMT Performances on 19/07/2019