Use the same Pegase Moto on several motorbikes

By Alexandre from SMT Performances | 07/08/2019

Bikers who own several motorbikes will be delighted: Pegase Moto can now be ordered with 1 or 2 additional cables, which makes it easy to move from one motorbike to another.

I would like to use Pegase Moto on my road bike to protect it from theft, and on my track bike to check my performances : how can I do this?

Whether for this mixed use (or simply for those who want to use Pegase on several vehicles), it now offers a simple solution! When ordering your Pegase Moto, you can specify the number of additional connection cable(s) you need. Order one extra cable if you have two vehicles, and two cables if you have three.

By connecting them to the batteries of your different vehicles, you can then move the Pegase GPS tracker from one to the other in just a few seconds!

And as a reminder, here is the video tutorial on how to install the cable on your motorbike:

Article published by Alexandre from SMT Performances on 07/08/2019