MT-07 2021 model stolen and found in Nantes, France

By Alice from SMT Performances | 04/11/2021

Opportunity theft of a MT-07 motorbike in Nantes and found in 25 minutes

MT-07 thefts are frequent, especially in Nantes (North-West France), which seems to be a favorite area for thieves.
Today, it’s F. who’s testifying about the theft of his motorbike:

"Last week, around 4:30 pm, while I was parking my MT-07 near my home in the Canclaux-Mellinet district in Nantes, four young people on two scooters came towards me. One of them asked me if it was a 2021 MT, I told him yes, he asked me if it was for sale, I told him no, and I went up to my house because I had a feeling that the situation might not go well. I didn't bother to put on my U and my disc-lock to avoid any physical altercation at that moment. My bike was also equipped with a Pegase Moto GPS tracker, so I still had that security in case of theft.

Google Earth image Canclaux Mellinet district in Nantes
Canclaux - Nantes Roundabout / Google Earth

They left, and I told my girlfriend about what happened. I then called a friend to ask if I could keep my bike at his place for the week because I had a bad feeling. Indeed, only 5 minutes later, I saw through my window that they were back.

I asked my girlfriend to call the police. In the meantime I went downstairs with my helmet as protection, in order to save time.When I arrived, they were already pushing my bike.

I tried to intervene, but one of the young people threatened me not to come closer with a small knife: I saw that I couldn’t do anything. I tried to go back home, 2 other young people approached me and blocked me against the gates of my building. They wanted the keys of my motorbike and I told them that the police were on their way. I also told them that the keys were at my place and that they wouldn’t be taking my motorbike. They hit me with their helmets and kneed me in the stomach and then left with my bike."

Intervention by the BAC

"When I entered the building, my girlfriend was with a police officer, and she gave me her phone to go to the end of the street to be driven by the BAC (Brigade Anti-Criminalité, French police).

The first police car asked me where they went, and I told them the direction they took. Another car took me away.

We decided to search for the thieves because my Pegase Moto mobile app indicated that the motorbike was not very far away and that it was no longer moving.

They found two people who matched the description and the police asked me to come identify them. I was 100% sure it was the two young people who attacked me, one with the knife and the other one who wanted my keys, the one who hit me.

Thanks to my GPS tracker, we were able to confirm the location of my motorbike and there was already a brigade of the BAC who had found it.

In 20-25 minutes, we found my motorbike and charged 2 out of 4 thieves.

I bought my MT-07 in May and I installed a Pegase Moto tracker in June. I know that there are many motorbike thefts in Nantes and the MT-07 is particularly popular with thieves. I absolutely do not regret this investment! "

The whole SMT Performances team was delighted to learn that F. was able to get his bike back! We want to thank him for trusting us and for his testimony!

Article published by Alice from SMT Performances on 04/11/2021

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