The Mutuelle des Motards recommends Pegase Moto

The Mutuelle des Motards integrates the Pegase Moto GPS tracker in their official anti-theft solutions

At the beginning of 2022, the Mutuelle des Motards announced that it’s including the Pegase Moto GPS tracker on its official list of anti-theft devices recognised by the insurer.

This endorsement follows tests carried out by various organisations (FFMC, 2-roues Lab, MotoMag, etc.) which have demonstrated the effectiveness of Pegase Moto in both reducing the number of attempted thefts and recovering stolen vehicles.


In order to encourage its customers to equip themselves with a Pégase Moto GPS tracker, the Mutuelle des Motards has teamed up with SMT Performances to propose an exclusive offer which includes :

  • The reimbursement of your theft deductible in the event of the vehicle not being found, up to a maximum of €500*

With this offer, it's simple: Pegase Moto becomes the best way to protect your motorbike when you’re insured with Mutuelle des Motards.

Mutuelle des Motards X Pégase Moto
Mutuelle des Motards X Pégase Moto

* Offer valid in metropolitan France and reserved for members holding an insurance contract with Mutuelle des Motards insurance. Reimbursement in the form of a commercial indemnity of the costs linked to the "theft" deductible paid by the customer in the event of the theft of their vehicle not being found within 30 days of the theft being reported, up to a limit of €500, including tax, per vehicle. Offer limited to 1 Pegase Moto device per member and subject to acceptance of the Pegase Moto General Terms and Conditions.

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