Installation Tutorial

Installation on a motorbike

The Pegase GPS tracker can be installed under the seat of your motorbike in only 2 minutes, thanks to its double-sided adhesive velcro (see video).

Installation on a track motorbike

The Pegase GPS tracker can be installed under the body of your motorbike in only 2 minutes, thanks to its double-sided adhesive velcro. (see video).

Installation tutorial for all motorbikes

1) Connect the power cable to the battery of your motorbike.

Your battery is usually located underneath your seat. The power cable of the Pegase box ends with two black and red "forks" that allow you to connect it to the battery without having to remove it. To do this, you just have to slightly loosen the screw of a terminal of your battery to slide the fork underneath and then tighten it again. Proceed like this first with the black cable to connect it to the negative terminal (-) of your battery, then with the red cable to connect it to the positive terminal (+) of your battery.

2) Connect the device to its power cable.

Connect your Pegase device to its power cable (the one you just connected to the battery), while taking care to tighten the fastening ring.

3) Install the device on your motorbike.

You will find in your box a double-sided velcro strap which will allow you to attach the Pegase device anywhere on your motorbike. In order for the Pegase device to function correctly, it’s important to respect the following conditions: - Install Pegase so that there is only the body of your motorcycle between it and the sky. In other words: there should be nothing between Pegase and the sky when you ride (not a tool kit, your body, etc.). - Pegase always needs to be affixed with its top side (the one with the logo on it) towards the sky. The easiest way to meet these two conditions is to attach the device to the rear shell of your motorbike, which is under the passenger seat and shown in the diagram below:

4) Launch the Pegase application.

Download the "Pegase Moto" application,which can be found on the AppStore or the Google Play Store. Then follow the instructions on the screen to create your account and register the details of your device and your motorbike.

5) Drive.

The Pegase box will only start to work after you have travelled several kilometers. At the end of your first trip, restart the Pegase application on your smartphone and start exploring all the different features offered by Pegase!

Installation gallery

Here are some examples of how to install the Pegase device. To add your photos to the gallery, send them to us via: All of the number plates will be blurred, in addition to any other potentially identifying information.

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Where does Pegase work?

Pegase works in most countries. Check below to see if your area is covered.

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Where to buy Pegase?

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