Installation Guide

The Flashbird GPS tracker can be installed under the seat of your motorbike in 5 steps.

Video tutorial
Flashbird Tracker installation
Watch our installation video to see step-by-step how to install your Flashbird GPS tracker.
Connect the power cable to your motorbike’s battery
Your battery is usually located under your seat. The power cable of the Flashbird tracker ends with two black and red "forks" that allow you to connect it to the battery without having to disconnect it. To do this, simply slightly unscrew the screw on one of the battery terminals, slide the fork underneath it, and then tighten it again. First proceed like this with the black cable to connect it to the negative (-) terminal of your battery, then with the red cable to connect it to the positive (+) terminal of your battery.
Connect the tracker to its power cable
Connect your Flashbird to its power cable (the one you just connected to the battery), taking care to tighten the fastening ring. A marker shows you the correct connection position.
Install the tracker on your motorbike
In your kit you’ll find a double-sided velcro strap that will allow you to affix the Flashbird tracker anywhere on your bike. But for Flashbird to work properly, it’s imperative to respect the following 2 conditions: -Install Flashbird in such a way that there is only the fairing of your motorbike between it and the sky. There should be nothing between Flashbird and the sky when you ride (no toolkit, your body, etc). -Flashbird should always be mounted with its top side (the one with the logo on it) facing the sky. The easiest way to achieve these two conditions is to mount the tracker in the rear hull of your motorbike, under the passenger seat as shown in the diagram below:
Launch the Flashbird application (by Pegase)Install the “Flashbird (by Pegase)” application that you’ll find on the AppStore or Google Play Store. Then follow the instructions on the screen to create your account and fill in your tracker and motorbike information.

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Ride your motorbike
The Flashbird tracker will only start working after you have ridden a few kilometres. After your first ride, relaunch the application on your smartphone and start discovering all the features offered by Flashbird!
Flashbird works in more than 200 countries around the world!
Flashbird works in most countries around the world. Check below to see if your area is covered:

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How to choose a GPS tracker?
GPS trackers (sometimes referred to as "GPS tags”) are products designed to geolocate and track motorbikes, scooters, buggies, or ATVs equipped with 12V batteries in real time. Their accuracy is measured in "number of positions sent per second". As a result, Pegase and Flashbird are the most accurate on the market, sending up to 4 points per second. The autonomy of GPS trackers varies according to their internal battery and the use (or not) of the vehicle battery. Pegase and Flashbird are connected to a vehicle's battery, so they are being constantly recharged as soon as the engine is running, which gives them unlimited autonomy, as long as you drive at least twice a month. Size is also an important consideration when choosing a GPS tracker. Pegase and Flashbird are smaller than a credit card, making them "mini GPS" products that are easy to conceal.