Installation guide

The Flashbird GPS tracker is installed under the hood of your vehicle in 5 steps.

TUTORIEL VIDÉoInstallation du traceur FlashbirdDécouvrez notre vidéo d’installation pour visualiser étape par étape comment installer votre traceur GPS Flashbird.
Connect the power cable to your vehicle's battery
Your battery is typically located under the hood. The power cable of the Flashbird device ends with two black and red "forks" that allow you to connect it to the battery without disconnecting it. To do this, slightly loosen the screw of one of your battery terminals to slide the fork underneath and then tighten it. Start by doing this with the black cable to connect it to the negative (-) terminal of your battery, and then with the red cable to connect it to the positive (+) terminal of your battery.
Connectez le boîtier à son cable d’alimentation
Raccordez votre boîtier Flashbird à son câble d’alimentation (celui que vous venez de relier à la batterie) en prenant soin de bien serrer la bague de fixation. Un détrompeur vous indique le bon sens de raccordement.
Install the device on your vehicle
In your package, you'll find a double-sided Velcro strap that allows you to attach the Flashbird device anywhere under your vehicle's hood. However, for Flashbird to function correctly, it's imperative to meet the following two conditions: - Install Flashbird so that there is nothing but your vehicle's fairing between it and the sky. There should be nothing obstructing the view between Flashbird and the sky when you're driving. - Flashbird must always be fixed with its upper side (the one with the logo attached) facing the sky. The easiest way to meet these two conditions is to attach the device under the hood of your vehicle, which is located at the front of your vehicle, as shown in the diagram below:

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Launch the Flashbird App (by Pégase)Install the "Flashbird" application that you can find on the AppStore or the Google Play Store. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to create your account and provide the information about your device and your vehicle.

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STEP 5Drive with your Flashbird
The Flashbird device will only start functioning after you have driven a few kilometers. At the end of your first journey, relaunch the application on your smartphone and begin exploring all the features offered by Flashbird.
Flashbird Auto works in more than 200 countries around the world!
Flashbird works in most countries around the world. Check below to see if your area is covered:

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How to choose a GPS tracker?
GPS trackers (sometimes referred to as 'GPS tags' or 'trackers') are products designed for the real-time location and tracking of cars, karts, vans, motorhomes, buggies, or quads equipped with 12V batteries. Their accuracy is measured in "number of positions sent per second". As a result, Pegase and Flashbird are the most accurate on the market, sending up to 4 points per second. The autonomy of GPS trackers varies according to their internal battery and the use (or not) of the vehicle battery. Pegase and Flashbird are connected to a vehicle's battery, so they are being constantly recharged as soon as the engine is running, which gives them unlimited autonomy, as long as you drive at least twice a month. Size is also an important consideration when choosing a GPS tracker. Pegase and Flashbird are smaller than a credit card, making them "mini GPS" products that are easy to conceal.