The world's most accurate GPS tracker
for non-battery motorcycles

Secure your bike, and rediscover all your rides and performance!

Pegase Air, how it works?


I connect my Pegase Air to its supplied external battery and attach it to my bike.


An SMS, e-mail or notification warns me of any suspicious movement + I can find my bike if it was stolen.


I check the charge of the external battery the day before my motorcycle ride, and I position Pegase Air (logo towards the sky) on my motorcycle.

Protect your no-battery motorcycle.

Some supermoto, motocross and dirt bikes are not equipped with batteries, yet they are among the most stolen motorcycles every year.

Pegase Air was designed for these motorcycles, so that you are warned if there is any suspicious movement on the motorcycle, and find it if it is stolen.

A GPS tracker adapted to your motorcycle :

Protect your supermoto from being stolen.

Get back all your trips

Measure your performance

Share your best rides.

A Made in France GPS Tracker

Designed and manufactured in France. Pegase is the only tracker ECE R10 that ensures a valuable product with no risk for your motorcycle.

Easy to install

Waterproof - IP 54

Compact - 3,15x1,6 inch

Automatic ignition

Unobstrusive on the bike

Made in France


Pegase Air Motorcycle GPS tracker


Effectively protect your no-battery motorcycle against theft and get back all your rides in detail with the only GPS + GSM tracker without subcription. The ideal GPS tracker for supermoto, motocross and dirt bikes.

In the box :

  • 1 GPS tracker Pégase Air and a compatible external battery
  • 1 USB cable
  • 2 Pegase stickers

Delivery with

3 installments payment

Choose card payment when ordering and only pay for third the price with no fee.

Subscription free

No subscription or additional fee is required to use Pegase. The iOS/Android app is also completely free.

100% Guaranteed

Pegase is guaranteed 2 years. Our customer service is based in Nantes, France.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 3.1x1.5x0.5 inches

Weight: 50 grams

Cable length: 3 ft

Supply voltage: 5V - 40V

Positioning: GPS/SBAS

GPS antenna: Integrated into the Pegase GPS tracker

GSM antenna: Integrated into the Pegase GPS tracker

Sensors: Accelerometer / Gyroscope / Magnetometer

Calibration: Automatic

Battery: Included

Track detection: Automatic (track / cross / enduro)

Certification: CE / RoHS / R10 (automotive standard)

Waterproofing: IP 54 (Protected from dust and water splashes)

Protection: Built-in fuse and reverse connection protection

Chronometer accuracy: 1/100 second

Speed accuracy: 1/10 km/h

Angle accuracy: 1 degree

App: Free - iOS/Android

Availability: Immediate / 48h Colissimo delivery


Our After-Sales Service based in Nantes is at your disposal to accompany you in the installation and use of your Pegase.


Pegase is designed and manufactured in France according to the best standards in force, which allows us to guarantee our product 2 years parts and labour.


Pegase is committed to you: if your motorcycle is stolen and not found, we will fully refund your Pegase tracker.

Where does Pegase work?

Pegase works in most countries of the world. Check below that you area is covered:

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Where to buy Pegase?


  • 1 rue de la Noë
  • 44300 Nantes, France
  • Mon - Fri : 8AM - 6PM