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Elected best GPS tracker

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    Moto Magazine(French), Published in September 2020

    "[...] This benchmark has been dominated by Pegase, the only model that allowed us to localize our motorcycle in real time during our theft simulations. The competing models showed too many inaccuracies to be qualified as reliable."



    Auto Moto(French), Web April 2020

    "Totally autonomous, Pegase [...] uses the mobile network, offering a precise localization of the vehicle, refreshed up to 4 times per second."


    Moto & Motards(French), Nov./Dec. 2019

    " Pegase is the GPS tracker having the highest existing level of precision, which allows it to follow a stolen motorcycle up to its exact location, often at the entrance of a storage box, or an underground parking lot, where it is stored. And the criminal doesn't notice a thing! This is a really high performance anti-theft device!"

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